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Welcome to Parik's IT World!

  • I am a Full Stack Developer with 4 years of Industrial experience and overall 6 years of programming experience.
  • I am an Oracle Certified JAVA Professional (View Certificate) with strong expertize in building customer facing web applications in Java, Javascript frameworks like jQuery , vue js, React js and D3 js, PHP, Building distributed applications in Android and Cordova, Python, SQL, REST API Web Services and JUnit
  • In addition to this I am actively working on projects in Blockchain, Data Science, Distributed Systems and Machine Learning
  • At present I am pursuing my Master of Science program at State University of New York, Buffalo in the field of Computer And Information Science
  • I am actively looking for Summer 2018 internship starting from May2018 that suits my profile. Always interested in chatting about interesting topics in technology like Blockchain, Data Science, Cloud Computing etc. Feel free to chat at your convenience.
  • Feel free to review my Software Engineer specific Resume and Data Science specific resume

  • What are my skills 🎨

    Below are my skills I have gained my experience so far

    SQL Server/ Oracle/ MySQL
    Machine Learning (Python)
    Java Script
    REST Web Services API

    My Projects 🙌

    Here are some of my major and notable projects from academia and company.

    Hadoop Word Cloud visualization

    Python, MapReduce, D3 JS, Hadoop

    Weather Android/iOS compatible App

    Vue JS, Cordova, HTML, Bootstrap, REST, Python

    Android Group Messenger with Fault tolerance feature implementing ISIS protocol

    Android, SQLite, Distributed Systems, TCP/IP, Socket programming

    Wiki on the Run
    Source Code

    HTML, CSS, Javascript

    To DO list web app
    Source Code

    HTML, CSS, Javascript

    My All Projects Gateway

    Tech Stack: [Python, JAVA, Maven, SQL, Tensorflow, REST API, AWS S3, PyTorch, Deep Learning, R, Data Analysis]

    Work Experience

    • Software Engineer at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India

      -January 2014 to October 2016

      • Designed and developed core components of data management applications for Liberty Mutual Insurance (USA) in JAVA, Python, Spring, JavaScript, jQuery, REST API and MySQL for integrating and managing customers’ data in MySQL database
      • Took initiatives to use Machine Learning and Data Analytics in projects to gain insights and automate certain tasks like Remedy classification
      • Supervised a team of 3 new hires and was responsible for gathering project requirements, pipelining, scrum and delivery after due testing.
      • Received Quarterly awards and recognitions from clients for in time delivery and creative add-ons to the projects

    • Software Engineer / Data Analyst at The Advisory Board Company, Chennai, India

      -October 2016 to June 2017

      • Developed ETL products in Java, Groovy, Yaml and SQL to process and load patient’s data into PostgreSQL database according to data mapping documents.
      • Reduced manual efforts by around 30% by automating QA report generation for business team with JAVA, SQL and Maven.

    +1 (716) 598 4517

    New York

    Always open for a discussion and a quick chat